Heat networks

Efficient renewable heat, optimised for energy efficient properties; also deployable as a hybrid solution.


Heat networks are growing in popularity for multi-occupancy buildings.  These can be small multi-unit dwellings, like apartments, multiple block districts, all the way up to city scale districts.

What is a heat network?

The heat network has a centralised energy source, which range from an individual plant room to larger scale infrastructure and full-scale plants.  A system of insulated pipes takes the heat from the energy source and distributes it to each designated dwelling or designated space in the building. Each space has its own heat interface unit to control comfort settings and the amount of heat used.

commercial installation

Benefits of heat networks:

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  • SUSTAINABILITY Lower carbon and renewable fuel sources can be used.
  • COST Improved lifetime value of centralised plant products. 
  • FLEXIBILITY AND STABILITY Efficient use and storage.
  • SPACE SAVING Reduces the need for boilers inside apartments.
  • REDUCED TIME Reduced downtime and easy access for servicing with reduced maintenance visits to residents
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Case studies

Read our case studies on heat networks and prefabricated plant rooms.


Valiant House

We supplied a pre-packaged skid of six boilers,  complete with pipework, pumps and plate heat exchangers for the plant room of a 17-storey residential block in Charlton, SE London. And for rapid installation in the individual flats, we provided pre-assembled cylinders with the associated pipework, HIU units, controls and heat meters that slid easily into the existing utility cupboard spaces.

Battersea Power Station

The prestigious Battersea Power Station refurbishment will house more than 100 shops, restaurants and cafes, an events venue, office space and 253 new residential apartments. We supplied offsite-fabricated utility cupboards for the apartments that included a HIU/CIU for heating and cooling, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, underfloor heating, electrical distribution, metering and billing devices, and a washing machine.

Mountjoy Square, Dublin

An historic listed building in Dublin has been refurbished to provide 32 warm and comfortable residential units for Respond Housing, one of Ireland’s leading housing agencies. We supplied three boilers for the centralised boiler plant room installed in a cascade. Heating and hot water for individual apartments is provided via our heat interface units which controls and meters the occupant’s specific requirements.


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