How to get started

Download the new My Baxi app from your usual app store and follow these simple instructions to migrate all your existing data onto the new app.

Step by step

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Download the app

Download the new My Baxi app.

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Choose your thermostat

Click on the correct thermostat for instructions – wired or wireless thermostat. Go to your uSense room thermostat and follow the instructions on the app.

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Sign up

If it’s the first time you have logged in using the new app you need to ‘Sign up now’.

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Check your email

Enter your email address and click ‘Send verification code’. Check your email for the code. If it hasn’t arrived in your in-box, check your spam file.

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Enter the code

Enter the code you receive to verify your account, then you can set up your password. Check the box to agree to terms and conditions. 

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And you’re done! Your heating schedules will have all been migrated over and your new app is ready to use!

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More Information

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My Baxi App

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