The Baxi 200 and 400 just got a little bit Baxier


Introducing the new Baxi 200 Combi 2 and Baxi 400 Combi 2

The fantastic new 200 and 400 Combi ranges just got a little bit Baxier, with a host of new amazing benefits, such as brass hydraulics*, higher outputs of up to 30kW now available and additional LPG models. The same great boilers, but a little bit Baxier.

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Introducing the new 200 Combi 2 and 400 Combi 2 from Baxi

We’ve taken everything you knew and loved about the 200 combi and 400 combi and made them a bit Baxier. Our Baxi 200 Combi 2 comes with two years warranty and a new 24kW LPG model in the range. The Baxi 400 Combi 2 comes with higher output models up to 30kW, LPG models and brass hydraulics as standard, the same great boilers, just a bit Baxier.

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Baxi 200 Combi 2

Features and Benefits

  • New 24kW LPG model available
  • Lightweight, compact cupboard fit
  • Two-year parts and labour warranty
  • Top central flue position
  • Extremely quiet boiler

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