High scoring Baxi heating and hot water solutions make a winning team at Blues’ Stadium

Visitors to Birmingham City FC’s hospitality suites will be far from ‘Blue’ in the warm, comfortable surroundings, thanks to Ignis Group and Baxi!

Remeha Quinta Ace high efficiency boilers and Andrews Water Heaters ECOflo units have been installed at St Andrews Stadium, home to Birmingham City Football Club (AKA ‘The Blues’) to provide improved comfort and operational efficiency. Remeha and Andrews Water Heaters are part of Baxi.

BCFC Stadium

When the time came to refurbish the existing heating system serving Birmingham City FC’s hospitality suites, Legend’s Lounge and catering kitchens, reliability, increased efficiency and quality topped the Club’s list of requirements. Space constraints within the plant room were an added consideration for the Club’s specialist mechanical service and maintenance contractor Ignis Group when proposing replacement boilers and water heaters. They recommended installing Remeha and Andrews products as the best solutions within the project parameters, as John Mackin, Director at Ignis Group explained:

“We are very familiar with Remeha products, having used them extensively over the years and been impressed with their proven high performance, energy efficiency and reliability. To meet the heating demand within the space limitations, we proposed installing three Remeha Quinta Ace 90 boilers on a Remeha cascade system.”

He continued: “For the washrooms and kitchens in the hospitality area, which have high hot water demand, we recommended two Andrews ECOflo condensing water heaters due to their high efficiencies and reduced maintenance. Baxi being a local supplier was an added advantage to reduce the environmental footprint of the project.”

Ignis estimate that the old system had been operating at around 65-70% seasonal efficiency. By upgrading from non-condensing to more energy-efficient condensing equipment, the Club stands to reduce energy consumption from heat by upwards of 20%. This will improve the overall efficiency of the building, the reliability of the service and, in turn, comfort levels for the Club’s hospitality guests.

With the specification approved, temporary plant was installed to maintain continuity of the heating and hot water service while the works took place.

John added: “The project needed to be completed within a fixed four-week period, so the ready availability of the Baxi products was a major bonus, helping keep the job on schedule.”

Moving from non-condensing to condensing technology brought new flueing requirements which were carried out by flue specialists Midtherm Flue Systems.

The project also involved the fitting of new pipework as well as a new controls philosophy to ensure maximum efficiency from the new Remeha boilers and Andrews Water Heaters which were supplied through merchants P & R Edmonds.

Baxi provided support throughout the project, from pre-sales to final commissioning.

John said: “It all went brilliantly. We had great support from the Baxi technical sales team – they really know their stuff and are always great to use as a sounding board! Their engineers are very competent too and did a great job at the commissioning stage.”

With the project now successfully completed on schedule, the Club is extremely pleased with the result as John explained:

“The Club is very happy with the outcome which couldn’t have come at a better time. Having more efficient and reliable heating and hot water during this current cold snap is certainly very welcome!”

Compact and lightweight, with high efficiencies of up to 99.6%, low Class 6 level NOx and advanced controls, the Quinta Ace range has been designed for straightforward installation and clean, trouble-free operation. Available in 30, 45, 55, 65, 90, 115, 135 and 160kW models, the Quinta Ace wall hung boilers are suitable for individual installation or with our easy-to-install cascade system, providing a flexible solution for all applications.

The fully condensing ECOflo range of storage water heaters offers exceptional hot water recovery rates, excellent energy efficiency of up to 98% and low NOx to satisfy the most demanding application. The Vitrasglas lined, thermally efficient tanks are protected with maintenance free factory fitted Correx anodes and equipped with a Hydrojet sediment reduction system which enhances the performance and prolongs the life of the product.



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