Air Source Heat Pump Warranty

Important information about your warranty

Your Baxi Air Source Heat Pump comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. If there is an extended parts and labour warranty available, for this to be redeemable please make sure the following steps have been completed.

  1. The magnetic filter that comes with your ASHP must be installed. If it is not installed or is removed, your warranty will revert to two years
  2. Your installer has arranged for your ASHP to be commissioned correctly
  3. Ensure your installer has completed the Benchmark checklist, we recommend this is done digitally using the Benchmark app
  4. Your installer must register your warranty within 30 days of commissioning, your warranty will start on the date your ASHP was commissioned
  5. Your ASHP and its filter must be serviced annually within 60 days of the anniversary of the commissioning date. This must be done in accordance with the procedure set out in the installation and maintenance manual.

It is your responsibility as the appliance owner to ensure that the requirements of the Warranty terms and conditions are met.

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Helpful advice

If you experience an issue with your ASHP:

  • Please contact your installer in the first instance
  • Your installer will establish if we need to support with one of our team of dedicated experts and book this with us on your behalf

For more information, please read our terms and conditions.