What do I need to do to prepare for my Baxi Engineer visit?

On the morning of the visit

Our engineer will call you between 8am and 10am on the morning of the visit to let you know an approximate arrival time.  If you are one of the first visits of the day, they may call you the evening before. Their call will be from a withheld number, but it is very important that you answer, as the engineer may cancel the visit if they can’t speak to the person who will be letting them into the property.


Our engineer may have heavy tools and parts to carry, so please make sure they can park their van, safely and legally, close by. Please let us know if they need a parking permit or if there are any restrictions.

Access to boiler or cylinder

Please make sure that the area around your appliance is clear so that our engineer has room to carry out their work.

Health and safety

Your safety, and that of our engineer, is our highest priority, so please read this section carefully.

  • Lofts: If the appliance is in the loft, please note that we don’t allow our engineers to work in lofts without reasonable access (for example, with a fitted loft ladder), secure flooring and adequate lighting.
  • Pets: we love pets at Baxi, but not all pets love us! They may be nervous or frightened of a stranger entering their home so please make sure they are kept away from the area where the engineer is working.
  • Smoking: of course we understand that you are perfectly entitled to smoke in your own home; however our engineer will be working with gas and other flammable equipment, so, for safety, we respectfully ask you not to smoke where they are working.
  • Responsible adult: Please ensure that a responsible adult is in the property for the duration of our engineer’s visit.