We answer the most frequently asked questions about ErP

  • What heating systems will need a package label? 
  • How can installers produce the label?
  • Will installers need to consider existing products in the property?
  • How long will it take to make the calculations?
  • Will installers be able to buy 'packs' of ErP products?
  • Who will police the ErP Directive?
  • Will ErP cost installers money?
  • How long will it take installers to do?

Under ErP, the efficiency of the overall system comes in with package labelling. There are only two combinations that would lead to a requirement for a package label; one is a heat source, such as a boiler, CHP unit or a heatpump, with external control, be that a room thermostat through to a multi zone controller. The other instance that requires a package label is where there is a heat source in combination with a solar thermal system. This requires the addition into the package label of the solar thermal collectors and the solar cylinder itself.

There are a number of ways the package ErP label can be produced; a lot of manufacturers - Baxi included - have a web-based tool so they can input the various values of the equipment they're installing. From those values, a label will be generated, so essentially all the calculations will be done by the calculator tool.

If you're dealing with an existing system, for example if you're going to do a boiler swap or replace some controls, when you're looking at ErP in terms of package label, you don't need to take into account any existing stuff within the property into that calculation. It's only appliances and controls that are being newly installed at the same time.

The actual calculation is actually quite simple - especially if the installer uses our calculation tool. It should take no more than 5 - 10 minutes to fill in the calculator and populate the label.

You can get products from a number of different manufacturers to combine into a single package. Whoever creates the package will then take on the responsibility for creating the package label.

The authority who will be policing the new regulations is a government department called the National Measurement Office (NMO).

In terms of having to buy additional equipment: no. There is just the additional time it takes to complete the label and paperwork.

When dealing with labelling and ErP on top of an existing installation, for example a combi boilers plus some controls, it's literally a 5 minute job. Calculate the package label, tick the right box on the package label, hand it to the end-user and away you go.