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House renovation with Verified by Expert Trades

At Baxi, we’ve worked with Verified by Expert Trades for a number of years, so when Adam, who founded the business with his wife Sara, approached us with an idea, of course we were interested to hear it.

His idea – to carry out a complete renovation of a property, taking it right back to the bare bones, and using trades on the Verified by Expert Trades database to carry out the work. The whole renovation would be filmed, from start to finish, providing useful information for people who were thinking of having work done in their home, on all the different processes, products and stages along the way.

Were we in?

How could we refuse! What a great project to be part of – in fact there are two properties, side by side. One is a larger house, with utility room and en-suite bathroom as well as the kitchen and bathroom, and the other is a smaller cottage next door. This would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the differences between sorts of boilers, and why different models are better for different sizes of homes.

Baxi House Renovation Success Story

Boilers and a cylinder perfect for the job

We have provided a Baxi 825 heat only boiler and a Megaflo cylinder for the house and a Baxi 830 combi boiler for the cottage. Watch Episode 7 of the Verified build video when the plumber, Chris from Minty Property Developments, explains about the differences.

In Episode 8, Chris and Adam un-box the Megaflo cylinder, and then have to (very carefully) carry it up a rather narrow and winding staircase to get it into position. Chris then explains why a cylinder is better for a home with a high hot water requirement.

You can follow the whole renovation process through the series of videos – from replacing the roof (which was a job they hadn’t anticipated!), replacing the windows and fitting complete heating systems, to designing and fitting kitchens and bathrooms and even choosing paint for the walls. There are loads of hints and tips throughout that will help, whether you want to carry out a small job, like grouting kitchen tiles, or a larger job, like appointing a trade to replace your windows.

Baxi House Renovation Case Study

IMPORTANT: Whether you are looking for a complete heating system, or need your existing system to be serviced or repaired, always use a Gas Safe registered heating engineer for gas appliances and ensure they hold a G3 Unvented Hot Water Systems certificate if they are working on an unvented cylinder.

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