Still a place for heat only boilers

While combi boilers remain the most popular type of gas boiler on the market today, particularly in new build properties, there are still many homes which have traditional open vented systems and heat only boilers. Accounting for around 25 per cent of the UK's gas boiler market, there is still very much a place for these boilers, offering installers a lucrative revenue stream in like-for-like replacements. Baxi's Jon Phillips explains:

As every installer knows, improving the energy efficiency and performance of a domestic heating system doesn't have to involve the latest renewable heating technologies and great expense to the homeowner. In many cases simply replacing an existing standard efficiency boiler with a modern, high efficiency model is the most straightforward and inexpensive way of reducing energy bills for a customer.

In older properties with a traditional open vented system and heat only boiler set up, the same rules apply. Providing the homeowner is happy with the way the system works and the system's water tanks and pipework are in good condition, replacing like-for-like is an affordable and attractive option for the customer.

Like-for-like replacements of heat only boilers are also advisable for homes with a large demand for hot water (two or more bathrooms) or properties located in a low mains water pressure area, where a combi boiler wouldn't be suitable. Keeping the heat only boiler and separate hot water tank set up ensures homeowners continue to enjoy the fast flowing, instant hot water they are used to.

Most boiler manufacturers offer high efficiency heat only boilers which can be fitted to an existing system with very few pipework changes. This means that installation is quick and easy, helping to reduce installations costs and disruption to the customer.

To maximise the performance and efficiency of the heating system, a power flush is advisable to ensure the existing pipework is free of sludge. Additional savings can also be achieved by adding room thermostats to the system - as much as £70 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

So for customers with a heat only boiler which is inefficient or beyond repair, a like-for-like replacement is an easy sell for the installer. Bills and carbon emissions are reduced, there's no need for a complete overhaul of the system and installation time is minimal. And for the installer, the installation is very straightforward.

Understanding this need for boilers for traditional systems, Baxi has a number of heat only boilers in its range. The Baxi EcoBlue Heat is a compact, heat only boiler available in 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 21kW and 24kW outputs so it is suitable for a range of properties, even where space is limited. It doesn't need a pump overrun, so replaces any existing heat only boiler directly. It's light - less than 20kg - for ease of install and comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Also in the range is the Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat. Like the Baxi EcoBlue, the boiler is a direct replacement for old heat only boilers, and is compact and light for ease of installation. It has top or rear flue options for greater flexibility and a tidy finish, and comes in a range of outputs from 13kW to 30kW to meet the heat and hot water needs of almost any home. Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat also comes with a 7 year parts and labour warranty, supported by Baxi Customer Support.

In these uncertain times customers are looking for value for money and ways to bring down their bills, so presenting the most simple, affordable solutions - such as a like-for-like replacement - will undoubtedly help installers drive their heat only boiler sales.

For more information please see our Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat page.

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