Seal of approval for Baxi from plumber Peter


Seal Approved Plumber PeterDuring the refurbishment of his own home, Baxi installer Peter Doyle of 1st Call Plumbing and Heating in Belfast has installed a Baxi Duo-tec Combi 40 GA and a Multifit GasSaver passive flue gas heat recovery device.

Peter had attended a launch event organised by Baxi to introduce its new range of boilers with gas adaptive control, so when he had the chance to move to natural gas for the first time, he decided to try it for himself.

"I have fitted a lot of Baxi boilers over the years, so I know that it is a quality range," he explained.  "I had already looked at a lot of different options for my own installation.  At the recent launch event I was immediately impressed by the latest model of the Duo-tec, and realised that Baxi was the only company that ticked all the boxes."

The Multifit GasSaver sits between the boiler and flue and recycles the heat from the flue gases that would normally be expelled into the atmosphere and wasted.  "This was a big selling point for me and when I originally learned about it, I thought it was a good idea.  Now I know it really works!" Peter said.

Peter took the opportunity to add new heating controls.  "The house has different heating zones now, which helps with the overall efficiency," he explained.  "Already we have noticed a major difference, and the Baxi Duo-tec is also playing its part in cutting our fuel bills.  I've fitted a card meter as well and intend to monitor the savings we are making over a longer period of time.

"From my point of view, we are delighted with the end results and certainly when I am speaking to customers, there will be no bigger recommendation than me saying I have one of these boilers in my own home."

The Baxi Duo-tec Combi GA has Gas Adaptive Control, which continuously monitors and adjusts the boiler's output to maximise burner efficiency.  This means gas consumption is lower, component wear and tear is reduced and reliability is increased.  In addition, the boiler's modulation range has been increased, to ensure an even temperature is maintained without the boiler repeatedly cycling on and off.  Less gas is used to re-ignite the boiler, reducing both fuel bills and carbon emissions.

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