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Combined heat and power (CHP)

CHP by BaxiCombined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single source, close to where they are to be used. This means that the heat and electricity generated can be used in the building extremely efficiently because there is no energy wastage or loss during transportation to another site.

Although large scale CHP boilers have been available for many years for commercial use, micro combined heat and power (also known as micro-CHP, mCHP or domestic CHP) is a relatively new technology - generating low cost, low carbon electricity for use in the home while providing heating and hot water.

The Government's Microgeneration Strategy has identified micro-CHP as one of the key technologies to offer a realistic alternative to centrally generated electricity. The Feed-in Tariff gives funding to organisations and households that use these technologies.

Baxi is at the forefront of developing new micro-CHP technologies that are perfect for use in houses or smaller commercial settings.

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