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What to expect from an installer

To make sure you get the service you deserve, take a moment to familiarise yourself with an installer's obligations and objectives.

Gas Safe ID

Only Gas Safe registered engineers can legally work on your gas appliances. Every gas engineer should carry a Gas Safe Register ID card. The card will feature the installer's photo, a unique licence number and a security hologram to show that the card is genuine.

Your installer should show you their card as soon as they arrive at your property, but if they don't, don't be afraid to ask for it.

Check the reverse of the card and you'll find a list of your installer's qualifications. Make sure they are qualified in the work you need carrying out, and see that those qualifications are up to date.

If you are worried that your installer is working illegally you can check on the Gas Safe website.

Working standards

Any firm featured in our find an installer facility is expected to comply with our customer service charter.

As part of that pledge, installers agree to clean up after they carry out the installation, service or repair, and leave the property in the state they found it.

You should also expect your installer to be polite, punctual, and treat you with courtesy and respect. In any instances where an installer does not live up to these standards please let us know; negative feedback can lead to their removal from our database.

Service procedure

If you haven't had a boiler serviced before, here's what you can expect from your engineer: First, they will undertake a visual check, then they will fire the boiler to check its basic operation.

The casing will be removed and technical checks made. Once complete, as per our charter, they should replace the casing to leave the boiler as it was found.

A typical service lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. See the full step-by-step guide to boiler servicing here.

Information & advice

Our series of FAQs, technical advice articles and 'How to...' videos are designed to help you understand your boiler, provide helpful tips and even save you money.

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