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Best boilers for central heating

Your installer is the best person to advise you about the right central heating system for your home - but it doesn't hurt to research your options in advance.

Combi boilers

Combi boilers provide space heating and instant hot water from one single unit. The best combi boiler for you will depend on your heating and hot water requirements, and also on the set-up of the system you're replacing.

The Baxi Ecoblue+ Combi, Baxi EcoBlue Advance Combi, Baxi Platinum Combi HE A and Duo-tec Combi HE A all have class-leading efficiency ratings and exceptional hot water flow rates. They are also backed by excellent warranties. Find out more about Combi boilers.

System boilers

System boilers work with a hot water cylinder, delivering a higher volume of hot water than can be achieved by most combis. That makes them a popular choice for larger homes with more than one bathroom.

The Baxi EcoBlue System and the Baxi Megaflo HE A are the best boilers for central heating systems of this type. They boast excellent efficiency, outputs of up to 32kW and reliable performance. They are also compatible with the Baxi Solarflo solar thermal system, providing the opportunity for even further savings on your heating bill.

Heat Only

If you have an old boiler with water tanks in the loft, you're running a heating system powered by a heat only boiler.

The Baxi EcoBlue Advance Heat is available in a range of outputs. It is small enough to fit into a standard size cupboard so can be quickly and easily installed as a direct replacement for an existing heat only boiler, with minimum disruption.

Another great replacement for conventional heating systems is the Baxi Ecogen. An award-winning dual-energy system, the Baxi Ecogen uses micro-CHP technology to generate up to 1kW of free electricity while heating your home.

As a renewable heating solution, the Ecogen is MCS certified and eligible for the Feed-in Tariff - so you will be paid for all the electricity you generate, and paid again for any you don't use which is returned to the grid.

Need more help? Use the Baxi boiler finder to discover the right model for your home.

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