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Multifit Accessories

Multifit GasSaver - GS1 & compact GS1c

Multifit GasSaver - GS1 & compact GS1c

The Multifit GasSaver captures and stores heat from the flue gases which would normally be lost through the boiler flue. The heat is recycled to preheat water coming into the boiler from the cold mains supply. Because it doesn't have to raise the temperature so much, the boiler uses significantly less gas to heat the water to the required temperature. This means lower energy bills and greater carbon savings.

  • Compact model for use with Baxi EcoBlue + Combi and Baxi EcoBlue System 12, 15, 18, 24 and 28.
  • Standard model for use with Baxi Duo-tec Combi, Baxi Platinum Combi, Baxi Megaflo SystemBaxi EcoBlue Advance Combi and Baxi EcoBlue System 32. 
  • Saves up to 37% of the gas used to heat hot water annually*
  • Reduces cold water consumption by up to 7%*
  • Multifit GasSaver is an Energy Saving Trust endorsed product and rated by Waterwise
  • Low carbon solution, reducing carbon emissions by up to 700kg*
  • Maintenance free - no moving parts and no annual servicing required
  • No controls or settings - easy to use
  • Unique design stores extra energy, delivering maximum benefit at times of greatest need, such as cold winter periods
  • Simple to install - designed for easy and fast fitting

*Test conducted by independent scientific test house, TNO. Calculation based on an average household's consumption of 100 litres of hot water per day. Results were based on a comparison of a SEDBUK (2005) >90% rated high efficiency boiler versus a high efficiency boiler and GasSaver.

Multifit external boiler discharge pump (PRV & condensate)

  • An external pump solution
  • Stores and discharges high temperature waste from a boiler's pressure relief valve avoiding the need for external pipework
  • Manages condensate line waste allowing pump discharge to feed into soil pipe
  • The pump has a maximum vertical head of 5 metres

Multifit flue kits

Multifit flue kits come with positive screw fixing for all connections and are available in a choice of lengths to reduce the need for onsite cutting.

By popular demand we offer a choice of colours for the terminals to match existing rainwater systems.

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