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Benefits of heat only boilers

  • As most traditional heating systems have a heat only boiler, it is easier to replace with a new high efficiency heat only boiler without too many pipework changes, keeping installation costs to a minimum
  • A good solution for homes requiring a large volume of stored hot water, such as homes with two or more bathrooms
  • Perfect for homes in areas that have low mains water pressure
  • Compatible with solar thermal hot water systems, like Baxi Solarflo, that use free energy from the sun to heat the water in the cylinder, helping to lower energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint
  • Baxi's range of heat only boilers don't require a pump overrun or permanent live. This can make the installation process easier and cleaner as you won't need to worry about getting a wire from the pump to the boiler or a permanent power supply to the boiler. Find out more about the benefits  of not needing a pump overrun and permanent live

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