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Benefits of combi boilers


Combis are the UK's best-selling type of boiler for gas central heating and hot water.  They are manufactured using proven technology, making them reliable and durable.
They adapt to the heating demand without constantly switching on and off, resulting in smoother operation, less wear and tear on components and greater reliability.


Combi boilers are very easy to use. Most models have an integral clock so you can set your central heating to come on when you want it, enhancing your comfort and reducing annual fuel bills.

Everything needed to deliver heat to your radiators or hot water to your taps is included in the boiler casing. There is no need to use up valuable space in the home making room for a hot water storage cylinder or central heating pump.

Hot water is delivered at mains pressure, whenever it is required, so you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of powerful showers and quick filling baths. However, the hot water flow can be limited if several taps are running at the same time.

A separate temperature control for central heating and hot water increases your comfort and safety by giving you more control over temperature settings and water pressure.

As there is no need for a tank in the loft or a hot water storage cylinder, an added benefit of having a combi boiler is the reduced amount of pipework needed, saving time and money during installation.

Energy efficiency

New high efficiency condensing combi boilers are extremely energy efficient and have a SEDBUK 2009 rating of over 88%. This means they convert more of the gas you pay for into useable heat, saving you money on your fuel bills, compared to a standard efficiency boiler which is 10 years old. Using less fuel also means you will reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment.

You can be even more energy efficient by installing a Multifit GasSaver and heating and hot water controls can further improve the performance of your heating system, reducing your home energy bills and your carbon footprint.

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