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Baxi boilers are manufactured in the UK at our factory in Preston.  We are very proud of our boilers and offer industry-leading warranties because we are very confident of their quality. We'd like to share with you how we test our boilers to make sure you can fit them with as much confidence as we have!

Design and testing process

Our Research and Development (R&D) department is the worst place on earth for a boiler and its components!  Our head of R&D Alisdair Cumming and his team of engineers design and test boilers in the laboratory, using state of the art equipment, or instruments of torture, as Alisdair likes to call it. Every year, R&D tests the equivalent of boilers running in 500 homes. They also carry out field trials in hundreds of homes across the UK, exposing boilers to different conditions and use, such as hard water areas, very cold or windy locations and in different sizes and types of property.

  • 3D printer - can make modifications to components overnight, so they can be tested in the lab the next day to see if they work, without spending out a fortune on new tooling and waiting for weeks to see the results
  • Quiet room - quieter than a silent kitchen in the middle of the countryside on a windless day, to check how quietly (or noisily) boilers work
  • Wind room - can simulate from a light breeze up to hurricane speed winds to test flues and burners
  • Environmental Test Chamber - can test multiple electrical components at once at temperatures ranging from -40C to +120C
  • Efficiency testing rig - so accurate that it takes two men a full week and a van load of equipment
  • System room - used to simulate boilers working on a heating system in anything from a small flat to a large detached home


We have our own foundry in our Preston factory and make thousands of aluminium heat exchangers every year. Many are used in our own assembly hall in Preston and we also export them to our sister companies in Germany, Holland, Italy and Turkey. 

Making heat exchangers on site means we can react very quickly to changes in design or to quality issues. We test the aluminium every tonne to make sure it is the correct quality. If it doesn't make the grade, we reject it and send it back. 

Finished heat exchangers are tested before being sent to the next stage of manufacture.

Paint shop

Nearly two million panels are painted in our paint shop every year.  We check the whiteness of paint every day using a Chronometer spectrometer. We also check it is the correct thickness using a special meter.  Every finished panel is checked for quality and imperfections. We are proud to say that our paint shop has been benchmarked by global company Mitsubishi for quality and efficiency.


We manufacture tens of thousands of boilers every year. Every stage of assembly is checked by the operative to ensure it meets quality standards before it is moved to the next stage.

To make the possibility of mistakes as slim as possible, we use poka yoke.  Poka yoke is a Japanese term that means "mistake-proofing".  An example is having three sets of wiring that, when connected correctly will only reach the correct places. Another example of poka yoke is an electric three pin plug - you can't insert it upside down, because it just won't fit. 

Every single boiler we make goes through our final function rigs and is tested with gas, water and electricity. If it doesn't pass with 100%, it doesn't get packed! As it goes round the line, every boiler is given a unique barcode. When it has passed the final function tests, the boiler, along with the correct wall mounting jig, accessory pack and literature, is scanned to guarantee every boiler is packed correctly before it is moved to the warehouse.


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