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How to get the best out of your boiler and heating system

High efficiency boilers

If your boiler is more than 10 years old and has a pilot light it is probably a standard efficiency boiler.  Modern, high efficiency boilers are around 90% efficient (SEDBUK Band A 2005), meaning that 90% of the gas they burn is used to heat your home and hot water. Replacing your old boiler with a new high efficiency model can save you up to £310 (for a SEDBUK Band G <70%) on your energy bills. In addition it can save up to 1,200kg carbon dioxide, significantly reducing your home's carbon footprint*. Find out how much energy and money you could save if you replaced your old boiler using the Baxi Boiler Efficiency Calculator.

Fit a room thermostat

Fit a thermostatIf you don't already have a room thermostat, consider having one fitted.  You can expect savings of £70 and 280 kg carbon dioxide a year, according to Energy Saving Trust. Find out more from the EST website.

Turn down your central heating

If you already have a room thermostat, you may have it set higher than you need, without even realising it. Try turning your room thermostat down by one degree. Leave it for a day and if you still feel warm enough, try turning it down another degree. Carry on until it feels a bit too cool and then turn it back up one degree.  Every degree that you turn it down could save you around £90 a year on your heating bill.

Hot water cylinder

Your cylinder thermostat should be set at 60°C/140°F.  You don't need the water any hotter, and you will save money if you turn it down. If your tank is not insulated, you can easily lag it yourself. You can insulate the hot water pipes around it at the same time. The tank jacket and pipe insulation should cost no more than around £15, and could save you a further £35 a year.

Install a Multifit GasSaver

Multifit GasSaverIf you install a Multifit GasSaver when installing a new boiler, like the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE A you could reduce the gas used to generate hot water by 37% and reduce your water consumption by 7%. Baxi's boiler range contains a number of Energy Saving Trust endorsed products. These products will cost you less to run, contribute towards savings on your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions*.

* For more information, visit the Energy Saving Trust website 

Baxi's boiler efficiency calculator
Baxi efficiency calculator

Use our efficiency calculator to find out how much money and fuel you could save by installing a new, energy efficient boiler.

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