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Accessories & controls

The next generation of Baxi boilers deserves state of the art controls and accessories. We've introduced sensors that monitor internal and external temperatures so the boiler can adjust its output to perfectly suit the home's heat requirement.

Baxi boiler controls


Our range of boiler controls are designed to enhance comfort in the home as well as improve energy efficiency.

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Controls for the Baxi Avanta boiler range

Avanta controls

This collection of controls are specifically designed to improve the performance of the Baxi Avanta range of boilers.

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Multifit accessories for Baxi boilers

Multifit accessories

We have a variety of multifit accessories that can enhance your boiler's efficiency lower your fuel bills.

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A guide to boiler controls

A guide to boiler controls

Find out more about what boiler controls are available and how they work.

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Using boiler controls can save you money

How boiler controls can reduce fuel bills

Using boiler controls effectively can improve the efficiency of your boiler thus lowering your fuel consumption.  

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Building Regulations

Building regulations

Discover more about the Building Regulations affecting the installation of a heating system; including ventilation, conservation of fuel and heat loss from buildings.

Advice on complying with the latest Building Regulations

Information & advice

Learn more about Baxi products and services

Our series of FAQs, technical advice articles and 'How to...' videos are designed to help you understand your boiler, provide helpful tips and even save you money.

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Baxi's gas boilers range

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If you're thinking of getting a Baxi but aren't sure what type of product is best for you, let us help you decide.

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