Baxi gas boilers

gas boilers

Gas boilers

Baxi offers a wide range of gas boilers with a model and output to cope with all your heating and hot water requirements. Every product is backed by Baxi Customer Support, our award winning customer service division.

All Baxi gas boilers meet and exceed the latest European standards for safety, energy efficiency, emissions and water bylaws.

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Accessories and controls

Accessories and controls can help to improve the efficiency of your boiler

Discontinued products

Information and literature relating to Baxi products which are no longer in production.

Replacement products

If you currently have a Baxi boiler installed in your home, we can help you find the current equivalent to ensure replacing your boiler is as easy as possible.

Boiler servicing and maintenance

Baxi give you peace of mind on how simple it is to maintain a healthy boiler and central heating with some useful advice.

Boiler installation

Our suggested process to get the right boiler product for your home.

Boiler efficiency

We've put together some useful information on efficiency ratings and high efficiency boilers.

Boiler information

Baxi gives advice on how to keep your boiler in tip top condition to maintain reliability and efficiency.

Find a boiler

Use our handy Find a boiler tool and we'll advise on the most appropriate Baxi boiler for you.

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