Couple warms to their new back boiler


Mr and Mrs Cook's new fireplaceA Basildon couple has had a new Baxi Bermuda high efficiency back boiler installed by Fireplace and Design, taking advantage of the Boiler Scrappage cash back scheme.

Mr and Mrs Cook had their old back boiler installed in 1984 to replace a solid fuel back boiler.  Mr Cook explains: "We started looking for a replacement in 2007 when we were told it was quite inefficient and getting harder to find spares.  There was nothing suitable on the market, other than other similar boilers, and the installers we spoke to told us it was quite difficult to get permission from the local council to install a non-condensing boiler.

"Then in October 2009, I started looking online again, and discovered that Baxi had introduced a suitable boiler.  I rang the council who asked whether it was a condensing boiler and A rated.  I answered yes to all their questions and was told to go ahead with the replacement, no forms to fill in or anything - very easy.

"The first fireplace showroom we visited told us to have the old back boiler taken out and a combi installed, but we only have a small bungalow and the reason we had the back boiler in the first place was that we didn't have room for anything else. 

"Then we visited Fireplace and Design in Benfleet, Essex.  Carolyn Digby and her team knew all about the new Baxi Bermuda back boiler and were very knowledgeable and helpful.  They changed the boiler and installed a new fire surround.  The work was done in less time than we envisaged, there was no mess, no problems and just a little bit of dust that was easily cleaned.  We are very pleased with it and don't even need to redecorate.

"The timing of the installation meant that we could apply for a grant through the recent boiler scrappage scheme.  The £400 cash back was the icing on the cake!" added Mr Cook.

The team at Fireplace and Design are firmly behind the new Baxi Bermuda BBU HE.  Carolyn says: "There are many households in the same predicament as Mr and Mrs Cook - they like their back boilers and really can't afford to lose valuable space to install wall hung boilers.

"We have had a lot of interest from customers, and our installers think they are great and very easy to install."

Mr & Mrs Cook's old fireReplacing an old BBU with a new Baxi Bermuda BBU HE is a straight forward process.  One of its main advantages is that existing pipe work can be used.  This means that the entire system can be replaced in a single day.  For the householder, this means minimal disruption, the need for costly redecoration is eliminated and space is not lost elsewhere in the home.  In addition, according to the Energy Saving Trust, the householder can expect to save around £235 per year on their gas bill by replacing an old boiler with a new A rated model.

The package includes a state-of-the-art Valor Dimension electric fire, featuring the very latest patented hologram technology to create an exceptionally lifelike coal effect fire. 

Baxi has created a handy on-line product selector which guides consumers and installers through the process of choosing the fire and surround options available. When the questionnaire has been completed, a shopping list of components can be printed off to take to your merchant.

The Baxi Bermuda BBU is no longer being manufactured, but literature and more information is available here.

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