Baxi Bermuda BBU HE condensate pipe installation


Baxi Bermuda BBUThe Baxi Bermuda BBU HE is the only high efficiency back boiler unit on the market. With an efficiency of over 90% SEDBUK 2005, it complies with the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, which become effective from 1 October 2010. This means it doesn't need special dispensation or planning permission to install. It is the easiest and most cost effective like-for-like replacement for the 1.8 million standard efficiency back boilers estimated to be still in use.

For installers, it presents a great opportunity and is straightforward to install. One of the main advantages of the new BBU is that existing pipe work can be used. This means that the entire system can be replaced in a single day. For the householder, there is minimal disruption, the need for costly redecoration is eliminated and space is not lost elsewhere in the home.

The package includes a state-of-the-art Valor Dimension electric fire, featuring the very latest patented hologram technology to create an exceptionally lifelike coal effect fire.

The Baxi Bermuda BBU HE has an integral condensate pump which allows the condensate to be discharged into the drain via a 10mm pipe. There are three main options for routing the condensate pipe and a preliminary site survey will determine the most appropriate option. They are:

Fit to low level skirting board - the pipe can be fixed neatly to run along the top of the skirting board to an outside wall, where it can be terminated in a suitable drain.

Vertical installation - when installed vertically, the vertical height, up to a maximum of 2.5 metres from the outlet of the boiler, determines the maximum number of 90 degree plastic elbows that can be used and the maximum horizontal length allowed.

Under the floorboards - if the under floor option is used, it is important to ensure that the underfloor pipes are suitably insulated.

In all cases, the 10mm condensate pipe supplied with the boiler will need to be connected with an adapter when fitted to standard 22mm plastic waste pipe with a fall of three degrees which is terminated in a suitable drainage system. When installed under floorboards and along skirting board, the condensate pipe must be raised 150mm from the base of the boiler when the external wall is reached, to prevent siphoning. Download the condensate installation guide here.

Free of charge Baxi product training is available at the nationwide network of Baxi Group training centres. The course includes how the Baxi Bermuda BBU HE works, and how to install the back boiler, flue and fire front.

For technical support please telephone 0344 871 1525.

The Baxi Bermuda BBU is no longer being manufactured, but literature and more information is available here.

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